Michael Bentley Breaks Story on Kia Shine Writing Drake

Michael Bentley broke the news that his long time industry  friend, Kia Shine was an official ghostwriter for Drake including writing his hit record, “Best I Ever Had.”  Read the press release below….

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Former Motown/Universal Recording Artist Kia Shine was credited by BMI as the writer of the song that has now sold over a million copies. I spoke with Kia Shine this morning and he confirmed he was indeed the writer. 

“They sampled a record that I did for Lil Wayne, called “Do it for the Boy”. I wrote the hook and the beat for that track. After they heard that and made the Drake song, they settled out for 25%”

It was also reported in the new Billboard Magazine that Nakia Coleman aka Kia Shine was indeed the writer of the hit song, “Best I Ever Had”. 

Kia Shine who has been on top of the charts with his own song, “Krispy” which peaked at number 66 on the Billboard charts, is also credited with signing and promoting hip hop artist, Yo Gotti.

Kia Shine also known as Nakia Shine and Kinfolk Jones also stated, “The Drake thing is shedding some light on what I do and have done in this music business, people can see how astute I am in this music business.”

The hard work has definitely paid off Kia Shine, who is now scheduled to write for P.Diddy aka Sean Combs and will write on the new MC Lyte record.  Kia Shine also has new video out, White Vees, with his new group The P.R.E.P.S.